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Senior Resource Directory 2015-2017 - Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties
Area Agency on Aging created this 118-page manual to provide contact information
for health, housing, legal, medical, nutrition, end-of-life services, recreation and other
services.  We have hard copies at our group.
Support Groups 
Pepper’s Estate Ballroom, 430 Hot Springs Road, Montecito, CA.  Open the first Friday of every month from 2 to 5 p.m., and it welcomes all in the community.  People living with Alzheimer’s disease, their caregivers and friends are particularly encouraged to attend.  There is no cost for participation.  For more information and to RSVP, please contact Luciana at (805) 892-4259 or


This site provides a fairly comprehensive definition from several sources for the average person.  It also includes very informative videos on the subject.

What is Dementia?
On that site, you'll find a definition that clarifies the confusion many people have between Dementia and Alzheimer's.  It also gives deeper technical definitions between the different types of Dementia.

Local agencies

Alzheimer's Association National Site   
The national site is possibly the best site for information on the disease and the research being conducted.  The site offers many tools, brochures and other literature to help the caregivers and other family members to cope.

The Central Coast site offers local information and help in our community.  They located at 1528 Chapala Street #204, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 and their local number is (805)892-4259

234 Camino Del Remedio, Santa Barbara, CA 93110-1341 Between Calle Real and Honor Farm Road.  (805) 681-4401
  • For information on Adult Protective Services (APS) to report elderly neglect or abuse.
  • For In-Home Supported Services (IHAA) that provides support services for low-income elderly so that they can remain and be cared for in their own homes.
  • For the In-Home Care Network (IHCN) which maintains a registry to match caregivers and recipients.

Coast Caregiver Resource Center
1528 Chapala Street, Suite 302
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 962-3600

  • Provides a number of services for the elderly and disabled, including grants for legal consultations and respite.

222 East Canon Perdido St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Serving Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez and Lompoc Valleys
  • This service provides in-home care for end-of life patients.  They provide nursing and rehabilitation; hospice care at home; bereavement support and counseling; personal care; respite care; equipment loans.  Their service charge is low and scaled to the individual's income.

For the caregiver

Understanding Alzheimer's / Dementia Behavior  and Coping with Alzheimer's / Dementia
The two links above are from the Alzheimer's Association web site, which is also referred to in the "General" section at the top of this page.  Since the links are specific and critical to the help we provide, we thought it important to highlight them here.

Today's Caregiver Magazine
This is an on-line magazine which provides my ideas and suggestions on general and specific care giving.  It's slick and professional.  You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter.

Caregiver Support Online - University of Florida
Education, information and support, including how to cope with grief, mostly about Alzheimer's

For the one needing care

Dr. Zylstra is one of a handful of physicians who will provide care and consultation at the patient's home.  His practice is Medicare certified and he deals with a majority of Dementia patients.  You can visit his website at the link on his name or you can call at (805) 682-0414 or email at  

This site has a fairly large data base of homes nation-wide, but it only allows you to compare 3 at a time.

The link provides a document listing of specific facilities in the Santa Barbara County area.  You may also want to look for other information on the site at this address:

Assisted Living Facilities Checklist
This site presents the questions you should keep in mind when choosing a facility for your loved one

State of California Department of Aging

Here, you'll find information regarding Alzheimer's Disease, depression, long-term care information and the Ombudsman advocate service,

Friendship Adult Day Care Center
The Friendship Center provides a great service in our community.  While supplying activities for diversion and even lunch for an Alzheimer's sufferer, it provides a bit of respite for the caregiver.

New Friendship Center in Goleta!  Select here for details.

Long-term care and advocacy
The Long-term Care Justice and Advocacy site provides information that can have a legal and financial impact on the caregivers as well as on the one that is ill.  This is a great resource for consumer information, including issues in nursing home practices.
Check out their nursing home locator.  It gives statistics about their performance.

UCompare Nursing home finder
This is an excellent site.  It provides very thorough information about Assisted Living Facilities and care institutions.  It's very easy to navigate but perhaps not too obvious.  If you're looking for a facility, enter your zip code and the radius number of miles from your location to get a list of facilities.  Once the list is in displayed, select the facilities you want and you'll have an opportunity to create a very comprehensive report reflecting information about the staff, complaints, services, etc.

Residential Care finder
An easy to navigate residential care finding site.  While it does not provide comparisons or independent evaluations of the facilities, it does give information about some services each facility provides, such as whether they allow dementia patients.

Senior Planning Services is a for-profit trained caregiver provider.  They also provide elder care management and other services either in-home or at a facility.

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